Long time no speak…

Hi there,
It has been months and weeks since I have been here last time. But here I am, re-activating my blog!

So…in the last 6 months – I moved to Scotland, I got married and I founded my own company. Not bad, he?

Let’s start from the beginning.

Scotland – what an amazing country it is! All these hills and sea and, above all, Scottish people – they really are sweet, not only my husband and his family, but truly, the majority of the Scots is good-mannered, polite, welcoming, open-minded and patient! It is such a lovely place to be. If only the weather would mirror the people in its pleasantness… Well, you can’t have it all, can you?

Wedding – we had an amazing wedding, in Poland – my motherland. We could not have imagined a better place to get married and a better time. We were very lucky with everything. We got married in a beautiful palace Pakoszow in Piechowice, in the south of Poland, you can see the place here:
If you ever happen to be in Poland, this region and this hotel are a must to see.

I am an owner of my own company! Yes, finally after almost 20 years as an employee, I am my own boss. I love it! Not that I earn anything on it yet, but…will do. I promise:) Just need to spread a work a bit more.

That’s all for updates, more to come.
Keep warm.