The most beautiful autumn in my life.

I am a mother now.

The first few weeks were horrible. Proper Guantanamo. I was subject to sleep deprivation, high frequencies noise, got open wounds in my private places, sore and bleeding nipples, hemorrhoids that felt like my entire guts were out and my lower back muscles completely gone after pushing for hours!

If that was not enough my super swollen ankles that looked and felt like gigantic paws.

In other words – I was yet to experience the miracle of motherhood!

Then…weeks passed. Quicker than expected, easier than expected. The body started getting back to its normal self, the mind too. Mothers are a living proof that you can get used to everything: to sleeping in tranches of 2 hours, to changing your baby while you are still half-asleep yourself, to exposing your boob in public even if you thought before it would be too awkward to do. I even got used to drinking the breastfeeding aniseed tea (to boost lactation) while before I always HATED aniseed and felt instantly sickĀ  if somebody offered me licorice.

What helped me in this process of adjustment to the new reality was my baby herself. A tiny creature completely dependent on me, who has been day by day more and more aware of her surroundings, more responsive, more cooperative, more smiling.

My baby girl is 12 weeks now.

She is a wonder.

We spend day and nights together, we learn, we walk, we laugh, we read, we watch, we dance, we exercise, we cry, we talk, we love each other the most in the world.

I forgot all about the pain of delivery and how difficult the first few weeks have been.

I do not miss my life as it was before. I do not miss going out, travelling, spa days, wine, high heels. I do not even care about my additional kilograms which are still there, not so easy to loose.

Instead, I do recommend motherhood. It is the best feeling in the world.