Month: January 2016


Mondays take a long time to get through. This is because Monday is the first day of a week and people are lazy and sleepy after the weekend.
Sometimes Mondays are exciting but this is usually when you are on annual leave or if Monday is a bank holiday. In Scotland by the way, there is much less bank holidays than in England and seriously less than in Poland. Especially recently we have a bank, or I shall rather say, a church holiday almost every month in Poland.

Anyway, Monday can be nice.

Today for example, the sun is shinning and the city looks really sweet, quite spring-like even if it is a middle of winter and there was frost today on my car.

I woke up with a headache and I find it difficult to build a sentence in English. You need to remember I am not a native speaker, all I know I have learnt, it is not my first language.

We have had some discussions with your Dad on how we will teach you both our languages. The problem is you Dad does not speak Polish so it will be a bit awkward if there is three of us trying to talk. My idea is that I will talk to you only in Polish and your Dad will talk to you only in English in which case you will naturally pick up both languages and in the future if you cannot or don’t want to do anything else you can be a translator 🙂 Good plan?

Let’s see how it goes. Maybe your Dad will suddenly feel an urge to learn my beautiful language. Maybe.

Other news – a great musician died today – David Bowie. You will definitely listen to his music a lot.

And today is a birthday of two of my very good friends. I spoke to one last night already (I wanted to be first to wish her happy birthday) and I will call the other this afternoon. She does not yet know about you and I am looking forward to see her reaction 🙂

Lots of love,
Your Mama.


2016 – The World We Live In.

Today is the first day of a new year. This is a year 2016. The world we live in is green and blue. It is stunning, so stunning that often it will take your breath away. The trees, the rivers, the beaches, the plains, the mountains, the animals and, finally, the people, all this can be wonderful (I will have to play you ‘What a wonderful world’ by Luis Armstrong).

It can also be scary and sad. Unfortunately.

The scariness of this world should not bother you for at least a few first years. When the time comes I will explain to you why people are sometimes bad.

Will I?
Hmm, do I know?
Do I know why people exalt over the others, why they want to control the others, why they mistreat them, torture them and often kill them. I do not really know why. I can speculate, imagine, try to understand. I can read books in the subject and draw conclusions. In fact, we can do it together.

But for now… relax and sleep. I live a healthy life (I am doing my best) so you can grow healthy and happy.

We are waiting for you in this world of paradoxes and opposites.

Your Mama.