Scottish Late Summer

On the bus. It’s mid-September. In Edinburgh. 9 degC and it’s raining. Of course.

It’s is grey, dirty and ugly.

Having just returned from Montenegro which is a paradise on earth I’m struggling to get used to my Scottish daily misery again.

I promised to my husband I would stop complaining about the weather. It is as it is and that’s it, he says. Kind of right but… I am not from here and I am not cool about winter in summer. Agree though that I must stop complaining as the fact that I wake up with unhappy face is annoying for myself even so how very annoying it must be for my husband?

anyway, as of today I will do my best to try to find this one thing every day that makes Scotland beautiful and worth cheering about.

today’s thing is: GREEN.

There is so much greenery here, so many different shades and types of green. It actually is beautiful (however looks millions types better in sunshine šŸ˜‰

Have a great day everybody.


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