Month: May 2015

Why I think David Cameron is bi-polar.

Just a few months ago, it was bad, very bad to separate Scotland from the rest of the UK. Better Together campaign won (just). Their arguments were for historical and economic advantages, bigger and stronger greatness of Britain and generally that it is always better to be bigger than smaller and to have a Queen.

You know my view on the above so I will not repeat myself.

But how is it possible that the exact same people who raised arguments against Scottish independence now turn them completely around and use them to support an exit of the UK from the EU! What has changed?

I put together a small table to illustrate the bi-polarism of David Cameron and the British conservatives and their supporters:

True of False?
David Cameron’s view in a context of:
Scotland’s Independence UK exit from the EU
1. Decisions about Scotland/UK are best made by the people who live here no yes
2. Scotland/UK can be a successful country in its own right no yes
3. An independent Scotland/UK would make decisions that reflected Scottish/British priorities no yes
4. Independence would be a declaration of confidence in Scotland/UK and our nation no yes
5. Scotland/UK could set its own welfare priorities no yes
6. Scotland/UK could adopt a different immigration policy no yes
7. Scotland/UK will continue to have good relationships with the rest of UK/EU but on a more equal basis no yes
8. Being in an Union for many years creates a bond. Scotland/UK is in it for good and for bad. yes no
9. Being part of the bigger economic area is good yes no
10. Jobs security and jobs creation at risk yes no
11. Major projects continuity at risk yes no
12. Prices could rise yes no
13. Scotland/UK benefit from UK/EU research funding yes no
14. Scotland/UK would have less influence in the world yes no
15. Military security is better handled on a UK/EU-wide basis yes no