What is it about California?

I have never wanted to go to California. Having lived in NYC for a while I had a quite ambivalent view on this distant land of sun and sand. My perception fed by fuzzy images of childhood’s TV soap operas and then New Yorkers’ animosities towards the Californians, created a rather repulsive picture of a place where everything and everybody is plastic, fake and dishonest.

On the other hand and somewhat contradictorily to myself I dreamt of going to Hollywood, if not as a rising star, at least as a visitor.

This dream materialised not a long time ago. I was asked to go LA on business. Just for a week. I thought, fine I can survive a week. Reluctantly, I agreed to go.

The very first thing I noticed after landing was an amazing blue skies. The fact that you can actually see the sky without the necessity of bending your neck to the break point, truly shocked me. How much I missed the sky! Back in Poland, starring at the skies and ‘reading’ the clouds was definitely my favourite thing to do. But this was a long long time ago. The reality, the speed of life, the lack of time pushed back the need to just lay down on the grass and watch drifting clouds. Let alone New York, where seeing anything besides the grey massiveness of its architecture is almost impossible.

In LA I rent a car. I thought I ordered quite a big model, however after joining the traffic I realised that my car is the smallest of all by far. How much I love driving, how much I missed it! Even the traffic jam didn’t spoil my fun. I drove a car! I also parked with no problems at all, just in front of my offices. Throughout the whole working week I felt weird. I was not supposed to like that place but I was falling in love with it.

Everything seemed to be completely different to what I expected. The landscape was stunning, the sun was shining and it was warm, pleasantly beautifully warm. Not hot, not freezing cold, not windy, not rainy but just warm. Even people were warmer that elsewhere. To my despair I managed to visit the Malibu Beach and I took a ride through Mullholland Drive. At sunset.

I woke up this morning to a gloomy Scottish November day and I closed my eyes immediately again.

California, I miss you!


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