For a few weeks now, flood in Somerset and other parts of England has been on the news every single day. In the beginning, sometime around Christmas, I noticed the fact, but was not really paying too much attention to it.

After all I live in Amsterdam and if anyone knows how to control rain – it is the Dutch.

Floods happen almost everywhere. Great Britain, I fought, has enough know-how, money and manpower to deal with it.

But then I started noticing something else. Day after day the images from affected areas have been virtually the same: flooded houses, roads that turned into canals and rivers, home-made rafts that people used for transport, elderly residents trapped in their houses, everybody getting more and more desperate.

I noticed mixed messages being sent by the authorities: yes, we will send the army to help; no army is not needed just yet; oh, maybe in the end we should send some forces to help.
I saw one pump pumping the water out of the scene. One.
I saw people build their own flood barricades, pour the sand to the sacks they paid for with their own money.
I heard voices wonder if the help received would be the same if the flood happened in London?
I heard voices say that the ill-distributed national income affects not only Scotland, but everybody except London.

Yesterday, I saw the map, which showed that the flood indeed could soon very well hit London. There are now warnings for Chertsey and Reading.

Coincidentally, it was also yesterday when Mr Cameron said that money was “no object to end misery”.

Since when money is no object? Since now when the government can picture the water attacking Number 10? Was money an object earlier this year? Was it an object before Christmas? How come those people out there were left alone, with no help from government nor bodies appointed precisely to tackle natural disasters?

It is terrifying how nothing has been done so far to relieve those affected by flood. From where I stand, this is not only a misjudgment, negligence and appalling incompetency of a British government.

It is an arrogance of those who rule as in the Great Britain the well-being of SOME is much more important than the well-being of the rest.


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